Pennsylvania / Home Inspection Certification/License Requirements

Requirements for Home Inspectors in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Home Inspection Certification/License regulationsPHII's Online Home Inspection Training and Certification Course meets Pennsylvania requirements for home inspectors.

PA inspectors must comply with the Pennsylvania Trade Practice Act 114 of 2000, Title 68, which requires home inspectors to:
1) Be a full member in good standing of a national, not-for-profit home inspection association that requires 100-inspections for full membership*
2) Comply with that association's code of conduct and education policy
3) Maintain errors and omissions, and general liability insurance coverage
4) Provide a copy of the report to the property seller, upon request
5) Not perform repairs on a house inspected within the last 12 months

*NAAHI meets this requirement

After completing the PHII course, you will receive a free $199 one-year membership in the North American Association of Home Inspectors. NAAHI is a nationally-recognized non-profit home inspector association that grants full membership when you have completed or participated in 100 inspections that can include scheduled ride-alongs and other experience under the direct supervision of a compliant home inspector. (There are many inspectors who will provide this service, however YOU are responsible for setting up and paying for your supervised inspections, which in most cases will involve travel and additional cost, and for keeping a log of your inspections). NAAHI will issue a Full Member Letter of Compliance when you have completed your supervised inspections, which you may show to clients and realtors to demonstrate that you are a compliant home inspector.

More Info:
PHII's certification course meets all Pennsylvania requirements for home inspectors including the Pennsylvania Trade Practice Act (Act 114 of 2000, Title 68) which requires inspectors to be a member of a nationally recognized not for-profit home inspector association such as the North American Association of Home Inspectors (NAAHI), and maintain errors and omissions and general liability insurance.

New Bill information (January 2016):
PHIC (ASHI Penn chapter) supports SB81

HB 1421/PN 1978 (Helm/R-Dauphin) The Home Inspector Licensing Act regulates home inspectors; provides for funds, for licensure, for disciplinary action, for remedies and for penalties; and repeals provisions relating to home inspections. Portions are effective immediately, portions are effective in two years, and the remainder is effective in 60 days.

Status: Professional Licensure

SB 81/PN 57 (Greenleaf/R-Bucks) amends Title 68 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Real and Personal Property), to establish a board and licensure requirements for home inspectors. Creates a state licensure requirement for home inspectors practicing in Pennsylvania. Also, to oversee the licensure process, the legislation establishes the Pennsylvania Board of Home Inspectors within the Department of State�s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. The board will include the Commissioner of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, five home inspectors, two public members, and the Attorney General or designee. The board will issue licenses to qualified home inspectors, and make sure that practicing home inspectors meet all of the requirements of the law including continuing education. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that the important role of home inspectors in a real estate transaction is competently and ethically performed.

Status: Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure

Biennial Licensing Requirements
(1) Be of good moral character.
(2) Be 18 years of age or older.
(3) Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent.
(4) Satisfactorily complete a board-approved training program or course of study involving the performance of home inspections; such study program shall be for no less than 120 hours of instruction and include no less than 40 hours of actual in-field training.
(5) Satisfactorily complete a board-approved examination
(6) Pay the fee set by the board.

Required insurance.--A home inspector shall maintain professional liability insurance in the performance of a home inspection, with coverages of not less than $100,000 per occurrence and $500,000 in the aggregate.

SB 81 Grandfathering
(1) Be at least 18 years of age.
(2) Have passed a written examination to test competence in home inspection practice.
(3) Have completed no less than 250 fee-paid inspections over the three years immediately preceding publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin that the regulations required under section 5 have been adopted and are in effect.
(4) Show proof of professional liability insurance

HB Grandfathering (2 years)
(1) Is an active professional home inspector.
(2) Good moral character, 18 years or older, high school or its equivalent.
(3) Submits proof satisfactory to the bureau that the
applicant has:
(i) been in active, continuous practice for at least five years immediately preceding the effective date of this section; or
(ii) completed 120 hours of instruction in home inspection and related subjects.

Certification Required: No
PHII Approved: N/A

Other Inspection Requirements for PA:

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Course Objectives
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  • Introduction to Home Inspection Terminology - Overview of the common language used throughout the home inspection industry by licensed home inspectors
  • Limits and Exclusions for Home Inspection - Pre-inspection agreements and liability during a home inspection, understanding home inspector responsibilities
  • Site, Grounds and Grading - Components outside the home including paving, vegetation, ground slope and drainage, decks, steps and porches that apply to a home inspection
  • Exterior and Structure - Foundation, chimneys, trim and siding, doors and windows, eaves, soffits, and down spouts
  • Roof Components - Types and styles, roof materials and home inspection methods, flashing and gutters, skylights for a typical home inspection
  • Plumbing Systems - Water and fuel service type, size and location, waste and vent pipes, kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures, water heaters
  • Electrical Systems - Service entrance location and capacity, inspecting panels and branch circuits, wire gauges, determining grounding and bonding, ground fault interrupters (GFIs), outlets, fixtures, switches and smoke detectors
  • Attic Inspection - Attic access methods, roof framing and sheathing, insulation types, ventilation methods, roof vent pipes, defects and moisture issues
  • Insulation & Ventilation - R Factor, vapor retarders, crawl space and below-grade ventilation, theory of exhaust and plumbing ventilation as it applies to home inspection
  • Interior Components - Home inspection methods and standards for walls and rooms, bedroom egress, windows, types of doors, stairs and railing, defects, fire places.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens - Toilets, sinks, ventilation, bathtubs, showers, flooring, GCFI protection, defects and moisture damage, cabinets, counters, flooring, built-in appliances following home inspection industry standards
  • Basement & Crawlspace - Type and entry methods, evaluating foundation and supports, stairs, flooring, walls, ceiling, exposed insulation, vapor barriers, evaluating joists, trusses, sub floors, floor drains and sump pumps
  • Heating and Air Conditioning - Location(s), fuel type(s), age, capacity, distribution methods, heat exchangers, combustion venting, humidifiers, air filters, evaporator and condenser coils, supplemental heat, electrical disconnect home inspection standards
  • Garage and Carport - Home inspection standards for identifying structure type, attached, detached, door openers, floors ceiling walls, ventilation, safety features, separation wall, door to a living space, ventilation, GFI protection
  • Conducting a Home Inspection - Pre home inspection agreements, professional behavior, procedures with clients, home inspection methodology, home inspection tools, written report, follow-up
  • Home Inspection Business Start-Up - Registration for home inspection business, website set-up, payment processing, pricing services, business vehicle, ladders and basic tools, electronic tools, sales tax and write-offs, filing requirements, state tax I.D. number, records, profit, cash flow, advertising, brochures, tracking ads, customer service
  • Mold and Allergens - Mycotoxins and pathogenic molds, sources and outbreaks, collecting samples during home inspection, client agreements, findings, common allergens, health effects, mitigation procedures, how to become a mold certified home inspector
  • Radon in Air and Water - Properties of radon, health effects, how radon enters buildings and water supplies, measurement, elevated/unsafe levels, seasonal effects, mitigation methods, how to become a radon certified home inspector
  • Commercial Inspections - Types of commercial home inspections, challenges, ASST. E2018-01 guidelines, property condition assessment (CPA) reports, walk-through survey, home inspector vs. a field observer, entering the market, referrals, liability, how to become a home inspector with commercial certification

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Pennsylvania Home Inspection Certification/License regulations
The The state of Pennsylvania does not have a licensing board for home inspectors. The law states that you must be a member of one of the non-profit home inspector societies in the US.

highlights of the Pennsylvania Home Inspector Law are:

From http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/consumers.aspx?id=299
(go to that site for the specific list of requirements)
Home Inspection Certification/License Information for Pennsylvania
As the industry grows, many states are enacting or changing legislation for home inspectors. Many Realtors, Lenders, home buyers, and home owners also want to make sure a home inspector has been properly trained and certified. PHII will give you a nationally recognized home inspector certification and the credentials you need to become a successful home inspector in Pennsylvania.

legislation is continuously changing, please check the website periodically for updates about current licensing laws or call toll free (800) 983-6322

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